Rules for Power Cart Operation:

  • Whenever the Grounds Superintendent or General Manager determines that the course is wet or frozen as to cause substantial damage to the course if too many motorized carts are used, a "limited cart usage" will be implemented as follows:
  • Only members who unequivocally state that they cannot physically play nine (9) holes of golf while walking the course will be allowed to use motorized cars when "limited cart usage" is in effect. 
  • Determination of impairment will be made on a case-by-case basis by the General Manager, and carts will be designated.
  • Power carts are to be kept at least 30 yards from all greens or as marked.
  • Cart users are asked to drive carts where the grass is healthiest to avoid all worn or damaged spots, to use cart paths, and to use the rough where it is not compacted or beaten down. Do not drive in each other's tracks unless unavoidable.
  • Golf carts can only be rented by a licensed driver, 18 years of age or older.
  • Gas carts are not permitted, except at the discretion of the General Manager.